The Power that Made the Body, Heals the Body

My belief in the philosophy of the healing power of the human body has become more solid with each passing year. This idea about the power that made the body, heals the body was first introduced to me by my brother who was instrumental in my journey into the world of chiropractic.

Over my thirty plus years of practicing chiropractic I have heard story after story of people who have sought allopathic help for their health issues. In the end, they have been left with no resolution of their symptoms. Many went on to find alternative health options such as; chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopaths, health coaches, etc. They were able to manage or completely rid themselves of the symptoms that had once kept them from living their lives to their fullest.

I do believe there is a time and a place for allopathic medicine. If I broke my leg, I would certainly consult a medical doctor to set and immobilize my leg until it healed. And there are other instances where I feel that medical doctors shine. But I also hold the opinion that the majority of these doctors fall short when it comes to caring for chronic health conditions.

Conditions such as diabetes, obesity, thyroid disorders, elevated cholesterol, and the list goes on and on. I have witnessed, with my own eyes, individuals dealing with these conditions that have made significant changes in their lifestyle. Changes which in turn allowed their body to heal and reverse their diabetes, or lose the extra weight, or get off thyroid medications and cholesterol medications.

What I find most rewarding in what I do is to see these individuals start to have good days, even great days. They can get off the prescription medications. They become more active in their life. And they are happy again. And the way they accomplished these things is by getting the roadblocks out of the way of their own body and allowing their body to heal by giving it that for which it had been begging. Things like clean water, nutritious food, movement, a nervous system that flows freely, tools that help to deal with life’s stresses, and more.

When your body is given the things it needs to function optimally, you can be confident that your immune system will be functioning optimally as well. And who doesn’t want to have a healthy immune system these days. The way in which the human body was created is a true miracle. You were given a system that is equipped to kill off and/or remove from your body all the bacteria, viruses, and toxins that don’t belong there. Even cancer cells that are circulating around in our bodies. It isn’t until your system becomes compromised by eating all the pre-packaged, processed foods, and breathing the polluted air, and exposing yourself to our “electronics-laden” world, just to name a few, that your system becomes worn out and overburdened. At that point you become vulnerable to illness and chronic conditions.

But, your body can come back from all that if you help it. Give your body clean, chemical-free water. Eat nutritious real food. Limit your time in front of a computer screen (that includes phone screens too). And start moving your body again. By implementing these few things you will notice a significant difference in the way you feel over the coming weeks. And you will be boosting your immune system. If you are interested in other ways that you can help boost your immune system this fall/winter, reach out and we can make a plan unique to you.

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